That's me

About Me

I have been coding since my late teens and never stopped since. Over the past two decades I picked up many coding and script languages to solve either web based or server based problems. Today I would call myself coding language-agnostic because I no longer care about a particular language as long as the problem is solved. Problem solving and careful planning of software projects has become my second most favorite thing in the universe.

My tech bucket list of "been there done that" includes many successful projects, a few downfalls of burnt out project managers and enough application/server crashes to tell countless interesting stories. I am a tech nerd to the bone. While I am not your best choice for small talk I absolutely enjoy any discussion involving Star Trek or Babylon 5. Quotes from Big Lebowsky, Naked Canon 2 1/2 or Star Wars are also very welcome.

Over the recent years I slowly but steadily went the route of content creation. It started as a hobby for video games and my vinyl collection. But somehow those projects developed a life of their own. Today with thousands of hours invested in content creation this has become an integral part of my life after work.


I will spare you the details of every language and dialect I came across because that would only make me look old. Here are the things I do on a regular basis and they will include things I am still working on improving.

  • Tech problem solving
  • Java, Perl, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Python, PHP
  • Linux console
  • Wordpress, Grav
  • Camtasia, Audacity